Customer Vertical/Domain: Health Care Domain The Challenge: Reports should be available on various dimensions like by center/site, by patient, by doctor, by drug, by time periods etc. Comparison of a drug effect on multiple patients should be possible. Reports should work on devices like tablets, smartphones. The Solution: BIRD solution was deployed to address customer… Read More

Customer Vertical/Domain: Gaming Industry in UK market The Challenge: Not able to perform combined analytics on historical and real-time data generated from Game logs. Performance challenges in retrieving huge data. Very complex environment with multiple gaming networks. The Solution: BIRD solution was deployed on the cloud as part of their UK data centre, and is… Read More

Customer Vertical/Domain: Manufacturing Domain The Challenge: Self-service based ad-hoc reporting on MS Dynamics AX 9.0 version, their current ERP implementation. Customer has lot of report requirements, and has many challenges creating them on Microsoft platform. Customer wants to reduce their time/cost/resources that they spend on BI & Reporting. The Solution: BIRD solution was deployed to… Read More

Customer Vertical/Domain: Contact Center / Call Center Domain The Challenge: Customer has multiple data sources and would like to integrate all data points and would like to make a single source of truth for reporting and analytics. Customer has a multi-tenant database and currently tracking all clients in a single database. Reporting solution should support… Read More

Business Intelligence, Reporting & Predictive Analytics Product – Quick Overview. SriyamSoft is a data analytics software product platform company, located in Madhapur, Hyderabad, India. SriyamSoft is driving data analytics research, and product development, and creating leading technology solutions. SriyamSoft is backed by highly experienced technologists with global experience. Under the spearheading of founders, SriyamSoft is… Read More