About ZenDesk

 Zendesk is the leading provider of proven, cloud-based help desk software. For growing organizations, Zendesk is the fastest way to enable great customer service.  Zendesk can make your support team always feel on top of any given situation, even if customer changes his behavior pattern. Zendesk facilitates support team to effectively monitor their activity over their help desk, improve workflows and boosts the outcome as a result.


Zendesk helps to track and measure your help desk activity so that the effectiveness of the helpdesk is visible immediately. Zendesk helps to manage the data in most effective way and successful help desks manage their data by integrating with third-party BI, Reporting and Analytics providers.


About BIRDonCloud

BIRDonCloud is a cloud-based business intelligence, reporting and data analytics service that gives you a single comprehensive view of your most critical business data. BIRDonCloud platform ensures enterprise level security, performance and scalability combined with the highest level of manageability of powerful analytics delivered across your business network.


The key to success is being able to monitor your customer’s activity & behavior over changing time and unearthing the insights from data that can be obtained from your support team’s interactions with customers. Companies which can best use their support team’s data will improve their product and can enhance customer satisfaction & retention and identify issues quickly so corrective measures can be taken immediately. The more efficient your help desk, the cheaper it is to deliver service. Reporting and analytics gives an edge to stay ahead of customers to ensure loyalty. Analytics & reporting helps organizations to take timely action when things are going bad.


It is very important for a support manager to monitor their backlog. An out-of-control backlog can lead to customers shift to competitors. From the dashboard reports manager can find out when a specific agent is falling behind on support requests and how he is handling the backlog.


With BIRDonCloud -Zendesk integration, it is very easy for companies to access the data to gain insights about business with Dashboards, reporting and analytics. One can view instant dashboards and reports for support ticket creation and resolution, agent performance, backlog and top trends.


One can measure the performance and share the reports with Collaborative feature. Collaborate and share custom projects, reports, and results down the line and management.


BIRDonCloud & Zendesk integration makes it easy to capture customer satisfaction ratings automatically when tickets are solved


BIRDonCloud -Zendesk Advantage to Customers
By using analytics and reporting on your support activity, support managers can make appropriate strategies for growth and can predict staffing needs. BIRDonCloud & Zendesk gives companies the ability to have deeper insight in to its ticket interactions and understand what facts about the increase in its volume of support requests. From the insights companies can chalk out a plan to meet their short and long-term goals. Zendesk helps the companies to resolve tickets by which they can scale their support activity to achieve growth. These are the tools that empower a company to deliver right kind of support to the organizations.


Measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

BIRDonCloud-Zendesk helps managers to create dashboards that enable them keep a close eye on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) most important to their organization.

For instance, the KPIs might include:

  • Support team member must answer X # of tickets
  • Support team member or departments must have a certain satisfaction score
  • Only certain specific number of tickets should be escalated

By analyzing the dashboards, managers can see how their help desk is performing without spending more time on the preparation of reports because Zendesk provides all the key information.
Few companies needs information on tickets by group. They want to know which group is dealing with which volume of tickets and how many tickets moves between groups. It is important to measure these two metrics because it is an expensive preposition if tickets move between groups as no company wants to indulge in unnecessary cost.
Most of the successful companies want to know how the tickets are solved with one reply (FCR – First Call Resolution). Help desk becomes effective if more numbers of tickets are solved with one reply. If this is not happening, managers can design appropriate strategies that will improve the number of support requests that are resolved with one reply. With Zendesk, support team can solve the ticket with macros, one reply with readymade responses to frequently asked questions.


Organizations can save huge amount by using Macros, because investment on outsource support comes down drastically.  Zendesk & BIRDonCloud integration saves time and also cost. By integrating with Zendesk one can have the advantage of accessing the best practices of the thousands of help desks from which organizations can design their support strategy.


ZenDesk KPI on BIRDonCloud




Many companies find it difficult to decide where to start and what to measure. BIRDonCloud & Zendesk integration addresses this issue by providing the most important metrics to measure the effectiveness of their support with built in dashboards that represent the best practices of hundreds of Zendesk customers.


For instance, the overview tab one can see at a glance a help desk’s most common metrics:


  • Number of new tickets
  • Number of tickets solved
  • Percentage of tickets solved
  • Number of pending tickets
  • Average First-Time Reply
  • Average Requester Wait
  • First Resolution
  • Full Resolution


The above metrics helps the support managers to understand the work load, gives picture about the efficiency of a particular support group. This also helps the managers to understand the trend performance of their teams. Managers can also take measures to bring down the back log of tickets.


Dashboard and Reports

Dashboards provide consolidated performance of key metrics through various visualizations. Managers can analyze and strategize their action plan to increase the team’s performance. With BIRDonCloud & Zendesk integration, there are tabs that immediately offer users a consolidated picture of real time performance. Dashboard report is a simple and effective visual report which any non technical person can very easily understand.


ZenDesk Dashboard


Ticket Creation

Ticket creation report gives a consolidated view of the volume of tickets raised and the status of tickets your teams are handling. This feature helps in understanding the volume of tickets raised and lapses of attending team and the time taken to solve the tickets. This insight helps managers to correct the situation immediately.


Dashboard reports help the managers to understand from which organization they are recording maximum number of tickets and how the support team is addressing the tickets. Managers can understand whether the present staff strength is sufficient to handle the volume of tickets raised.


Managers can also get the insight of new & pending tickets by group and month. This feature is important because managers can understand which group is handling the major volume of tickets and the status of backlog. By this managers can understand and correlate the resolution time taken and customer satisfaction levels.


Daily and monthly views helps to understand the trends in volume and one can anticipate when ticket volume increase and accordingly managers can plan the support staffing. One can plan the product launch activity and high volume support activity to match with each other.



One of the most important things help desks look in to be about the back log call volume. They have to see whether more number of tickets is raised than the solved tickets. Below data gives an idea about which support group is efficient in raising and solving the tickets. This helps the managers to understand which support group is loaded with work and which group is efficiently functioning to plan the staffing pattern. Also managers can predict the backlog and time required for resolution to speed up the performance.


Customer Satisfaction Rate

BIRDonCloud & Zendesk integration makes it easy to capture customer satisfaction ratings automatically when tickets are solved.  Companies can plan workflows that immediately respond to negative ratings. Customer satisfaction dashboards give the power to figure out whether your customers are satisfied with the way their issues are being resolved.


The dashboard provides consolidated satisfaction ratings by team, enabling managers to spot problem areas immediately and correct them.


Support managers can see which teams might be ready to take on more challenging requests and which might need additional training and resources. Also one can find out whether there is any problem with the product.


Ticket Distribution

All the support requests – tickets are entered into Zendesk. Support managers have to look in to how these tickets are distributed among support teams. They have to analyze the correlation between the ticket resolution time and customer satisfaction. Managers have to ensure that the support teams maintain the backlog level to a minimum.


Monitoring your ticket distribution can alert you to a problem with your product or service. If there is any sudden burst of ticket inflow managers have to check if there is any problem with the product and alert the company to correct it. Issues raised by premium customers must be addressed immediately for proper customer satisfaction and retention.


Ticket distribution reports give an idea about one touch ticket performance. Most companies design pre-configured answers to resolve frequently asked questions.


Open Issues

“Open issues” dashboard gives real time information on open issues-tickets, since how long they are open. Managers can easily see how many times a particular ticket is opened and which have been escalated through different places and which were tagged urgent has continued to go unsolved. One can find out why certain tickets are repetitive and one can devise a strategy to react accordingly.


Easy to Customize

All the organizations can use BIRDonCloud for Zendesk integration without any difficulty. It is very easy to customize a particular requirement if any one feels it is necessary to include certain things as per company’s requirement. Be it measuring your backlog in a different way or if you want to exclude certain groups you can easily do that.


Other Benefits

With BIRDonCloud – Zendesk integration, one can also reap the benefit of generating other CRM reports and compare it with support team reports. Managers can get the insight regarding your website traffic, number of bugs identified and resolved and which customer’s subscription would expire in 30 days to plan the follow up activity.


Data can be mashed up to give support managers and agents the information they need to improve support and better understand their customers’ behaviors. BIRDonCloud – Zendesk integration is flexible for customization and can be integrated with JIRA, CRM etc. to increase the efficiency and performance of organizations.


BIRDonCloud – Zendesk integration provides companies a consolidated view of entire ticket history and ticket volume. Reporting and analytics give managers the power to address issues quickly and easily. Provides insight into your support activity when a significant number of customers are having an issue with a particular product or are not happy about a particular price plan. Top managers can have an insight  about customer perspective related to their business. Companies can improve customer satisfaction levels and customer retention rates.

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