Data Discovery


Data, Data, Data – Everywhere! And data is growing faster than ever before and by 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet as per Forbes findings. Phew! That is overwhelming! The explosion of information can be both empowering and aggravating at the same time.

Organizations already looking for new ways to make sense of their growing data (bigdata) to analyze and derive enriching insights. They need a data driven engine/tool that unlocks big data and enables users to ask unlimited questions and discover/derive patterns. More and more, business decision makers are spending their budgets toward new technology initiatives that allow their users to extract actionable findings about their Organization, helping them increase company performance by improving customer experience.

Speed/agility is going to be the key mantra to find meaningful insights quickly and easily from the data.  In order to achieve the derived results, companies must embrace a new methodology that allows for business and technical users to engage in deeper data analysis at the speed of thought. In particular, the management team requires a scalable big data analytics solution that enables their workforce to quickly answer questions on customers’ behaviours, spending patterns, location driven purchases etc.

Big Data Discovery

Companies have adopted a new approach that helps them both analyze the overflow of information and uncover valuable details through data discovery.  Data Discovery is the union of data, data science, and data discovery. The recipe with the above 3 ingredients has triggered a wave of new methodology that supports exploratory, investigative data analysis in a manageable fashion of petabytes of information

Data discovery is all about a blend of data preparation, visual analysis and behavioural analytics. HOW, WHY, WHEN, WHERE, WHATIF questions that matter today are the driving factors for data discovery. Traditional BI and data preparation tools fail to unlock, understand and act on user behaviour by identifying patterns in the actions of users and machines.

Modern age Data Discovery tools have enabled Data Engineers and Analysts come together to get high value insights in data.

Unlock insights on the data in hours

Companies that have adopted tools for Data Discovery and applied this practice in their work force, are realizing immediate benefits, as now users are empowered to answer any kind of question, which earlier they failed to do so.

Data Discovery platforms empower users to ask exploratory questions by integrating data preparation, analysis, and the enrichment of data into a single interface/platform.

The Key 5 Components of Data Discovery

Data Discovery enables organizations to effectively manage the explosion of information and at the same time derive meaningful insights on demand. A key success factor for Organization relies on adapting to the right tool that can yield quick results there by increasing the ROI. Factors to be considered for Organizations to pick the right data discovery platform

  • Self-Service Data Prep:A tool that can assist the analyst in quickly/easily prepare the raw data for discovery
  • Interactive Visual Analysis:Ability to derive multiple visual analytics at the speed of thought and flexibility to drill-down to the root cause from the visual aspects
  • Behavioral Analysis:Easily address high value questions with Behavioral Analytics, Segmentation, and Advanced Analytics
  • Data Mashup:As data would be coming from multiple sources, the tool should be able to easily mashup data from multiple sources with a drag-drop-link option
  • Data Governance: Keep your data governed with a Data Catalog, Security, Permissions, and Lineage

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