Cloud On-Premises Business Intelligence Analytics


BIRDonCloud is the most powerful engine for your analytics and reporting needs that is built using Metadata Crawler and Elastic In-memory Database.


Turn data into valuable insights and take your data analytics to whole new level


Key Characteristics

  • Built from ground-up to be the only product in the BI market that is based on metadata crawling to product multiple report templates based on user search patterns
  • Designed to help organizations analyze vast volumes of data quickly in order to turn data into value using powerful Elastic In-memory database
  • The Elastic In-memory database acts as a virtual data warehouse, an elastic analytic datamart or analytic layer to accelerate BI and reporting
  • Cloud or on-premises enabled software to meet multiple deployment models


Metadata Crawling & In-memory Analytic Database

BIRDonCloud offers a high-performance, in-memory database specifically designed for analytics. From business-critical data applications to advanced analytics, BIRD helps you analyze large volumes of data in real-time, helping you to accelerate your BI and reporting, and to turn data into value.

With BIRD, you can benefit from real-time analytics in order to improve operational efficiencies, drive business growth, improve customer acquisition rates and deliver excellent customer service.

The more complex and sophisticated the data analysis, the greater the advantage with BIRD. This is proven by our predictive reporting feature that intelligently understands the user analytic patterns and can predict other relevant reports, a novel feature unique to BIRD.

The Elastic In-memory framework that BIRD internally uses, can process gigabytes to terabytes to petabytes of data.  As a performance benchmark, the framework was able to retrieve 24 billion records in 900 milliseconds – setting the industry-standard for in-memory analytics processing performance.


Performance, Scalability, Flexibility

The team that built BIRD focused exclusively on delivering ultra-fast, massively scalable, analytic performance. BIRD combines in-memory, optimizing storage and massively parallel processing technologies to provide unrivalled performance, flexibility, and scalability.

BIRD is tuning-free and therefore the ideal solution for reducing total cost of ownership while enabling you to concentrate on your business and swiftly solve analytical tasks instead of having to cope with technical limits and constraints.

BIRD can be easily integrated into every IT infrastructure. It is datasource agnostic product.  Whether you have your source in Flatfiles, Databases, Datawarehouse, BigData or any format, once you have BIRD in hand, you have the power to analyze the data quickly and get the root cause of the problem.

BIRD’s has connectors to talk to Microsoft ERP, Oracle ERP, PeopleSoft, Siebel CRM, SugarCRM, Salesforce, vTiger, Odoo and other sources, thereby accelerating standard reporting, running multi-user ad-hoc analytics, and performing complex analytics.


BIRDonCloud – Key Features and Benefits

  • Elastic In-memory technology

 Innovative elastic in-memory technology enables large amounts of data to be processed for dramatically faster access times.

  • Metadata Crawling/Auto-Reporting

 Intelligent metadata crawling algorithms are used to automatically generate complex reports, without human intervention

  • Predictive Reporting

 BIRD engine can automatically understand user search patterns, and can predict other relevant reports that are of user’s interest. A novel feature unique to BIRD

  • Big Data

 MapReduce processing capabilities and Hadoop integration services enable you to perform high-speed analytics against structured and unstructured data to get new insights from Big Data faster and easier

  • Reporting on ERPs Simplified

 BIRD has the connectors/plugins to automate reporting on any kind of complex systems like ERPs (Oracle, Microsoft, PeopleSoft etc.). Get your reports on ERPs in days now without human intervention

  • Datasource Agnostic

BIRD engine can connect to any of your datasources and can seamlessly present data from multiple sources on a single dashboard


BIRDonCloud Benefits

  • Increases your productivity
  • Makes you stay focused
  • Seamless integration into your business domain
  • Fits well into your current IT infrastructure without any changes
  • Scaling and performance issues are no more concerns
  • Access your reports on-the-go from multiple devices

BIRDonCloud Process

Testimonial – “At every level – from the strength of the platform, to the ease of deployment on our cloud, to the level of customization, to the quick time to value – BIRD has exceeded our expectations.” – Benito Volcy, GM – Client Development & Field Operations,

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