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BIRDonCloud is a cloud-based business intelligence, reporting and data analytics service that gives you a single comprehensive view of your most critical business data. BIRDonCloud platform ensures enterprise level security, performance and scalability combined with the highest level of manageability of powerful analytics delivered across your business network. Using live and interactive dashboards or storyboards, now you can monitor the health of your business, through standard browser interface or access your data on-the-go with our mobility support across devices like smartphones, tablets.

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About BIRDonCloud


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BIRDonCloud is a highly secure and self-service based business cloud solution for your business intelligence, reporting and data analytics. BIRDonCloud provides a simple, flexible, & intuitive user interface with drag and drop features, powerful drill-downs, pivots, storyboards, visualizations, collaboration, embedding, scheduling, predictive analytics and elastic in-memory capabilities that work across all devices. Without human intervention, BIRDonCloud generates multiple insights across your data sources at the speed of thought. Combining data from multiple sources is as simple as drag-drop-link. In addition to our standard connectors for databases, flatfiles, a generic Webservice based API connector is provided, through which numerous cloud-based services are accessed. With our bigdata elastic in-memory architecture, vast amounts of your data can now be processed in seconds. Our pricing is simple, flexible and cost effective to fit the budget of the smallest customer and scale to support the largest.


Affordable Cost

BI & Reporting cannot get simpler and affordable than this! Focus on your core business; leave the hard work to us. With our flexible plans provided, even let your clients access and appreciate your work published on BIRD through intuitive dashboards / storyboards.

Smart/Auto Data Discovery

BIRD's auto data discovery engine crawls through the metadata of source systems and auto-generates reports without human intervention.

Blazing fast insights

With the bigdata in-memory architecture, data gets directly ingested from source systems to distributed target system(s) on the fly. Complex calculations & aggregations are done on the in-memory layer, giving blazing fast insights on the data.

In-built Predictive Analytics

BIRD seamlessly integrates with 'R' statistical language through RServe, for implementing predictive models like linear / multinomial / polynomial regression, clustering, classification, random forest & others.

Flexible/Intuitive User-interface

BIRD offers an intuitive, self serviced, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop features to prepare storyboards / dashboards with powerful visualizations like charts, pivots, summary tables, gauges, KPIs to empower and enable customers to explore and discover new insights on their business data.

Fusing discrete data sources

BIRD architecture allows Organizations to fuse & merge (mashup) data coming from discrete data sources to a common BigData source with drag-drop-link, thereby creating a single source of truth, on which meaningful business insights can be generated.

Secure & Scalable

BIRD's architecture & security policies, ensures security & confidentiality of customer data is of top priority and is given utmost importance. BIRD also adheres to the security policies defined by the hosting provider.

Mobility on-the-go

BIRD's user interface automatically renders just as well on phones or tablets. With a gentle tap of the screen, drill-down, uncover, collaborate data anytime & anywhere with your mobile device. With BIRDonCloud mobility, analyze data and share discoveries on-the-go.

Click & Connect

In a matter of a few clicks, you can connect to a wide variety of sources ranging from Databases (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, Progress), Flat Files (CSV, XLS TXT), Webservices (SalesForce, GoogleAnalytics, etc.) and other sources.

Embedded BI

Embed your reports and dashboards across websites, intranets, blogs & applications for wider consumption.

Collaboration & Sharing

Publish your reports and make them accessible to users with/without logins. Schedule, email, export your reports in multiple formats like PDF, SVG, JPEG, or CSV.

Granular Access Control

Now have full control over your co-workers or clients on what they can see & do with the reports collaborated with them. Fine-grained access control with options like read-only, filters, report authoring, drill-down, export and others are provided.

How it Works

Connect Data


BIRDonCloud with its native connectors can connect to any relational database, flatfiles, spreadsheets and other BigData sources. Using our Generic Webservice Connector, you can now connect to external webservices for data acquisition offered by 3rd party cloud based SaaS vendors like SalesForce, Facebook, ZenDesk etc.

Organizations in general have multiple databases, data produced from external applications through web services or data stored internally in flat files/spreadsheets – unless we consolidate these data sources to a common data source to analyze and make meaningful sense of the data, it is of no use. We exactly do this for you through our BIRDonCloud interface, our goal is to make it as convenient as posssible for you to combine and get insights across all your data.

BIRD-Fuse, a component of BIRDonCloud, makes the data integration easy and seamless for Organizations to fuse or mashup discrete data sources. It takes minutes instead of months to integrate complex data sources. We have native connectors to almost any relational database, flatfiles, spredsheets, and other BigData sources. Integration with 3rd party applications like SalesForce, Facebook etc. is performed using our Generic 3rd Party Webservices connector.

We want to ease your work, by making data gathering/synching a seamless task for you through BIRDonCloud interface. You will not need to manipulate or restructure your information. In our secure environment you will remain in full control over your data as you know it.

No matter where and how your data is stored, you can connect it to BIRDonCloud within minutes. Start analyzing, visualizing and validating your data through the insights we provide you on your data.

Data Monitoring


Explore by deriving insights on your data sets, visualize trends/ patterns/anomalies/outliers, build professional and enterprise dashboards and dig deep into your data using the most flexible and intuitive user interface built by experts in the domain. Whatever your business requirement is, BIRDonCloud provides you a unique experience when it comes to deriving insights on your data.

BIRDonCloud self-service platform is built to make data discovery simple for business users. We strongly believe, without any formal training or help from your IT teams, using our interface you will be able to draw maximum insights, in no time, that help you in steering your business towards the right direction.

With our personalized drag-and-drop features, customizing of themes, look and feel of charts, and our product becomes your one business tool that you can rely on, where ever you are. Get insights now at the speed of thought, with powerful and intuitive visualizations charts like gauges, heatmaps, timeseries, summary tables and much more advanced visualization offering trend/forecast features, predictive analytics etc.

With advanced drill-down capabilities, with or without defining hierarchies on your data fields, you can get to the root cause of your problem areas in no time. By plotting pivot tables and charts on your large volume of data, get a multi-dimensional perspective of looking at the insights. With custom calculated fields that can be created on the fly, do advanced calculations on your complex data. With granular level permissions and security, decide what to share, whom to share and when to share.

Share Embed Data


Communication is the key to success! BIRDonCloud is the only handy tool that you need, to make your communication effective, through publish, embed and schedule options offered out-of-the-box.

You can now share your reports or storyboards to groups or individual users. Have full control over what your colleagues or clients can see & do with the reports you share with them. Gain access control through fine-grained permissions with specific options like read-only, read-write, report authoring, drill-down, export and others. Any report or storyboard when accessed by shared users, will always have the latest live version. While sharing, apart from the fine grained permissions, you may also specify whether it requires a user to login into their BIRDonCloud account for access (private sharing) or if it can be accessed without login into BIRDonCloud Reports (public sharing).

Embed and publish your reports and dashboards across websites, intranets, blogs & applications for wider consumption by users with/without logins to BIRDonCloud portal.

With powerful scheduling options, you can now schedule your reports on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. You have the flexibility to choose the recipients of the report and their access control. Multiple export options of your data and charts is also provided.


Callcenter Data

Call Center

The call center managers needed the ability to gauge the flow of calls on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, in real time, so that workforce optimization is done properly, and to ensure enough resources are available to handle customers. With real-time metrics, the resource projection teams can compare forecast vs actuals and make necessary adjustments if needed. With BIRDonCloud’s near real-time dashboards, managers can get to see their answer rates, call abandonment rates and average speed to answer rates. Tracking key metrics or KPIs is very critical in call center environments as they are directly related to employee performance and incentives are derived based on KPIs. With BIRDonCloud’s flexible UI, now Clients of the call center can also get access to see the agents performance in real-time.

Financial Data


Money is hidden in data. BIRDonCloud helps you in explore hidden treasures in your data. Banks/Leasing/Financial institutions use BIRDonCloud to gain insights that help them improve service, capture new opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.

Retail Sales Data

Retail Sales Performance

When we analyze retail sales data, we deal with margins, market data, customer demands, retailers, inventory, customer satisfaction to drive our sales. Data typically comes from discrete data sources and unless we fuse or combine that data to analyze in a holistic way, it does not make any sense. BIRD-Fuse a unique value proposition from BIRDonCloud helps you in fusing data from multiple data sources and to analyze to derive the trends that we look at to boost our sales, identify top and bottom sales performers, inventory aging, compare individual stores or locations, or get the bigger picture across all your operations to create sustainable, profitable strategies. As conditions are volatile, you are geared up with the right data engine that handles vast amounts of information in real time.

Hospitals Data


Healthcare generates lot of data, that provides lot of information and insights, if we can analyze through right tools. The challenge is to put the insights into action to measure the effectiveness, whether it is related to patient experience improvement, hospital management / operations. BIRDonCloud provides comprehensive storyboards to measure the key metrics and check on how effective the metrics are on daily / weekly / monthly basis. It lets decision makers visualize across costs, needs, and outcomes at once to make the most of resources. It helps hospitals identify drug discovery process, manage clinical trials, wellness programs, and patient engagement.

E-commerce Data


For e-commerce companies, the biggest integration feature that helps them is Google Analytics. With BIRDonCloud’s integration with Google Analytics, now analysis to figure out who are the people buying and who are the people not buying, and if they're not buying, what is the reason for that becomes seamless.
e-Commerce based companies, need to quickly drill down to the root cause to understand the customer behavior and make corrections if needed to increase sales. Managers from various departments can now be more independent in driving their decisions, as they don’t have to spend time with the analytics team or the business intelligence team to support them in terms of data.

Insurance Data


In Insurance industry, data points like Policies. Premiums. Claims. Payouts etc. play a key role in understanding the insurance package in detail. Every insurance transaction is a data point ripe for analysis and action. BIRDonCloud seamlessly provides the power to every stakeholder in your organization, like the sales leader seeking to fill the pipeline; the product manager trying to beat the competition with initiatives; the risk manager who needs predictive capabilities; the investigator seeking patterns of fraud or non-usage of policies. The datasets in Insurance industry are usually complex, but with BIRDonCloud’s blazing fast analytics, and powerful visualization engine, makes it possible to explore datasets in real time and react to change management quickly.

IOT Data


The promise of IoT is being able to assemble data from lots of sources, but the challenge still remains as to how do we make sense of all that information to our benefit? After all, data without good analytics is just data. Compelling visual dashboards with powerful analytics, provided part of BIRDonCloud present real-time will be crucial to ensuring IoT isn’t just a fad, but a game-changer.
Simply matching raw sensor numbers by timestamps isn’t enough. Machine learning needs to involve data collection, analysis and presentation for businesses to get the most out of their investment. Gartner[1] previously estimated that IoT adoption will grow to 26 billion Internet-enabled devices installed by 2020, and as the build-up around the Internet of Things continues to grow, the role of analytics is primed to grow in tandem.

Games Data


Gaming is a big industry, and success depends increasingly on data; player statistics, analyzing logs etc. BIRDonCloud supports winning strategies with easy-to-use analytics through powerful yet intuitive storyboards, to identify key metrics, player performance (top and bottom), revenue metrics by game.

Professional Services

Connect Data

Analytics Support

We are experts on BigData and new technology initiatives that are driving the analytics market space. We will show you how to derive insights on your existing data, how to optimize your slow performing queries, when to incorporate predictive / prescriptive analytics part of your roadmap. We let you focus on your core business, while we take care of the hard work for you.

Connect Data

Storyboard/Dashboard Services

Are you new to data analytics and visualization software? No worries, we are here to help you get started. Our experts are certified on writing complex queries, fusing/combining data from multiple sources, data migrations from legacy systems. Our team will also assist in moving your existing reports to our platform. Schedule a meeting with our experts to take full advantage of the feature rich BIRDonCloud product.

Connect Data

3rd party connections

BIRDonCloud provides a “Generic Webservices Connector”, to connect to multiple cloud SaaS based services. Our generic connector requires a minimum configuration setup to extract data from these sources offering public APIs. If you are not seeing your connector part of our default list of connectors, please contact us, so that we can enable that connector for you without any additional cost.

Interested in On-Premise Solution?

Pricing Table



  • Interested in On-Premise or Private Cloud Solution


  • For additional Users, Reports, Storyboards, Storage


  • No Setup Fee No Setup & Support Fee
  • Shallow Learning Curve Shallow
    Learning Curve
  • Simple Flexible User Interface Simple & Flexible User Interface
  • Mobility On-The-Go Mobility
  • Elastic in-memory data Elastic In-Memory Compute Engine
  • At every level – from the strength of the platform, to the ease of deployment on cloud, to the level of customization, to the quick time to value – BIRD has exceeded our expectations.

    Benito Volcy, GM - Client Development & Field Operations,

About Company

SriyamSoft is a global product and services based Organization with offices in North America and Asia. We are a focused-strategy company with the goal of being the very best at helping clients automate, grow, and transform their business through process mapping and optimization, change management, and innovative IT consulting and development services.

Our ability to help companies transform their business and successfully adopt new work streams and enabling technologies is derived from extensive experience performing a wide array of enterprise transformations. Based on this accumulated experience, we feel we can solve certain aspects of projects in hours and days that will take other firms weeks and months. We focus on niche technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Analytics. Our product innovation BIRDonCloud (A BI, Reporting, and Data Analytics Product – with report automation), proves that it’s not an exaggeration. It is inherent in the nature of the specialized work that needs to be performed during a successful implementation of systems that touch processes across the whole enterprise.

Meet The Team

Virinchi Garimella

Virinchi Garimella

CEO & Founder
  • Seasoned Professional with 22+ years of IT experience. In his last assignment, at CtrlS, India’s first and only Tier-IV datacenter, he held the role of Vice President-CRM and contributed to Service Delivery, Operations, Training & Quality departments.
  • At KnoahSoft, he was Vice President-Product Engineering, where in he built the organization from ground-up to a multi million $ Revenue. As a chief architect of a VOIP based product, he established strategic relationships with Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, HCL, Wipro, TCS and others. Also led the Consulting and Integration business. Recently KnoahSoft was acquired by Avaya, Inc.
  • Prior to KnoahSoft, Inc., he was with CTIS, Inc., Oracle Corporation and other Enterprise Organizations.
Venkat Vasireddy

Venkat Vasireddy

CTO & Co-Founder
  • A true technology enthusiast with expertise in Java, J2EE, C++, BigData and other technologies. Mr.Venkat comes with 14+ years of experience in the IT industry, out of which over 5+ years of experience working in Sweden with leading companies like Schneider Electric, Ericsson, Qvantel etc. Played the role of enterprise architect at all these places. Being a certified Scrum Master, gave exposure on handling agile projects.
  • At SriyamSoft, being the Chief Architect of the product holds the key position of CTO of the Organization.
Sudhakar Varanasi

Dr. Sudhakar Varanasi

Chief Strategic Advisor
  • Dr Sudhakar Varanasi studied at IIT Kharagpur (1969-74) and obtained a Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.  He published several technical papers in National and International journals of Science and Engineering. He moved to the Corporate sector in 1991 and was a founding director of Tiger Software that specialized in Banking products for International Trade Finance.
  • He moved to Satyam Computers in 1997 and left Satyam in 2007 as a Senior Vice President. The most challenging role played here involved architecting and setting up a state-wide network of ambulances for emergency response services with one unified access number of 108 for all emergencies, by establishing Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI). He worked as CEO for CoOptions Technologies Pvt Limited from 2007 to 2010.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BIRDonCloud?

BIRDonCloud is a cloud-based business intelligence, reporting and data analytics service that gives you a single comprehensive view of your most critical business data. BIRDonCloud platform ensures enterprise-level security, performance and scalability combined with the highest level of manageability of powerful analytics delivered across your business network. Using live and interactive dashboards or storyboards, monitor the health of your business, through standard browser interface or access your data on the go with our mobility support across devices like smartphones, tablets.

What are the key differentiators of BIRDonCloud when compared to other BI, Reporting and Analytic products available in the market?

  • Report automation is the key differentiator when compared with other products
  • In-memory engine for parallel processing of large amounts of data
  • Feature rich yet cost-effective
  • Scalable & Redundant architecture
  • Shallow learning curve
  • On-premises or cloud based deployments supported
  • Highly secure
  • In built multi-tenancy
  • Works uniformly across all devices like tablets, smartphones, desktops across all browsers

What is report automation? How do we benefit with it?

Report automation is the feature where in, BIRD's engine crawls through the meta-data of the source system to auto-generate reports without human intervention. The reports that are created by 10 engineers in a year’s time are automatically created by the engine for the first time.

What is Elastic In-memory Architecture?

A scalable/elastic and redundant bigdata in-memory architecture for parallel processing of data. The aggregations are computed in-memory and kept in memory cache for performance optimizations.

Is BIRDonCloud a SaaS based or on-premises based reporting solution?

Both kind of deployments are available. For large enterprises, on-premises option is suitable and for small to medium size enterprises, a SaaS model will be a cost-effective solution.

Do you offer professional services? Can we take your help in getting our reports generated? Or in Data migration or other services?

YES, we do provide professional services for data migration, creating dashboards for you, ETL processing, migration from legacy reporting solutions to our platform. Please contact our support for more details.

Can I access BIRDonCloud from my mobile/tablet devices?

Yes, BIRDonCloud can be accessible through mobile/tablet/desktops/laptops and works uniformly across all browsers/devices.

Is it an app that we have to download from AppStore or Playstore?

On your mobiles or tablets, all you need is internet connection and a browser to access the application. In the near future, BIRD will be available as a mobile app as well.

On which browsers does BIRDonCloud is supported?

It works on Microsoft IE 10 or above, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Which data sources does BIRDonCloud support?

BIRDonCloud supports:
  1. All RDBMS (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgresSQL, MSSQLServer, Oracle, Progress)
  2. Flat files like CSV, TXT, XLS, JSON
  3. Webservices like Zendesk, SalesForce, and others available through REST API
  4. BigData sources like Hadoop, MapR, Hortonworks, Cloudera

Can I connect my Cloud or on-premise database to BIRDonCloud?

Yes, you can connect databases that are available over cloud or on-premises databases to BIRDonCloud SaaS application. For more details, please contact our Support team.

How do I upload my data into BIRDonCloud?

For cloud based datasources, through REST APIs, we connect to the source to pull the data. For on-premises datasources, we provide our secure IP address/port number for you to allow us in your firewall to talk to your datasource. If you have network restrictions and cannot allow our server to talk to your data, a client install is needed, to talk to your source and push the data to our cloud instance. For client application download, our support team will help you in configuring and get you started.

How do I upload my data on a schedule basis?

While configuring the source connector, a sync option is provided in BIRD, to configure sync schedule on the frequency of pulling data from source and to push it to cloud instance.

Can I use BIRDonCloud to analyze unstructured/streaming data sources?

Yes, by configuring BIRD’s Hadoop and other advanced connectors, we can analyze unstructured/streaming data.

Does BIRDonCloud provide ETL services for data cleansing?

Partially Yes. BIRD only provides basic cleansing operations for cleaning your data. It is recommended for advanced ETL operations, client should use tools like informatica talend etc. If you need professional services help in our team assisting you in some of these activities, please contact our support team.

How much data can BIRDonCloud process?

BIRDonCloud uses bigdata in-memory parallel processing architecture. Data processing size depends on the cluster size that we setup. Technically there is no limit on the data that can be processed.

How secure is my data?

  • BIRDonCloud is hosted in Asia's largest Tier-IV data center that follows world class security standards. The data centres is protected 24/7 by electronic access control, video surveillance and alarm systems.
  • Access to our portal is only through HTTPS protocol. Data is transmitted securely through SSL, so that we keep away virtual intruders.
  • All the key fields in our database, like passwords, other key information fields are encrypted.
  • BIRDonCloud needs only read-only access to your source systems.
  • For every product release we test all code parts for security vulnerabilities and regularly scan our network and systems for vulnerabilities. We also perform vulnerability threat assessments, penetration testing and code review, our team furthermore monitors alerts/notifications from various sources from our internal systems.

Does BIRDonCloud support Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)?

It is on our roadmap to add this feature and will be available in our next release.

My on-premises data gets transmitted over the bandwidth? Is it secure?

Data is transmitted only through SSL, and moreover we ensure data is encrypted at your end and further decrypted at our end.

What kind of analysis I can perform on my data?

With BIRDonCloud you can perform Descriptive, Exploratory, and Predictive analytics.

Can I customize the visualization the way I want in the system?

Yes, absolutely complete flexibility is provided through intuitive interface to play with your visualizations of your choice.

How do I create a storyboard?

Based on your permission in the system, you get to create your storyboard or report. A storyboard is a collection of reports plotted on the same dataset. First step in creating a storyboard is to pick a scope that points to a datasource like MySQL, Oracle, CSV etc. Second step is to pick an automated report or write your own query or select a CSV file that you want to upload. Third step is to select the fields that you want to be visible part of the report, change the business names of the fields and run your report. It’s a simple 3-step process, that you can perform without any formal training as well.

Difference between My Report & My Storyboard?

By default when you perform the above 3-steps, the system by default creates a storyboard with 4-tiles on it. You can add more tiles if needed and save your storyboard. In case if you want to create “My Report”, you can maximize a tile from the new/existing storyboard and save the individual report to create your “My Report”.

After creating my reports and analysis, how do I collaborate with others?

On the “My Storyboard” or “My Report”, user is provided with a toolbar, on which a collaborate option is provided, using which, the user can share the report to a group (set of users) or can pick and choose the users from the users list. It is that simple.

Can I embed reports part of my portal? Any security restrictions?

  • Based on permission, on the toolbar an embed option is given to user, to embed a storyboard or a report.
  • While embedding the report, security options like whether someone accessing the URL should login to view the report or can they access the URL without logging in are provided for security reasons.

Difference between a power user, read-only user, and a viewer?

  • A power user can create new reports on the permitted sources (or scopes) and can publish the report or storyboard to other read-only users.
  • A read-only user in BIRD is very powerful and has lot of flexibility to customize the shared reports further to their liking. Other than creating a new report, a read-only user can do many things like making their own instance of the shared reports, changing themes, drill-downs, collaborate, embed, schedule etc.
  • A viewer is defined as someone, who is not part of BIRD system and can access the report without logging in to the system and has very limited permissions in the system.

Why is the storage space limited? How can I extend my storage space?

Based on the package you opted for, a storage space on the cloud instance is allocated to you. You can always buy additional storage space.

Is Support Charged separately?

No, support is included in the package you opted for.

Do you offer professional services, like helping us in creating reports, writing complex queries, data migration etc?

Absolutely Yes! Our experts are on the standby to assist you. Please contact our professional services. Leave the hard work to us, while you focus on your core business.

Can I sign up for Free Plan or Trial and upgrade later?

Yes, absolutely.

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel a plan at anytime?

Yes, you have all rights to upgrade, downgrade or cancel the account.
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